You play Costello as a character in the fantasy world. Before you start the first thing you should do is think of a good name for this character. The name must be one word (for example 'Banana') and because this is a fantasy world you should think of a good fantasy name. However you cannot use a name that is already being used by another player. Next, you need to think of a password. This must be one word with 6 or more characters and a special character such as a number or !#$%. Take a note of your name and password so that you don't forget them.

What happens when I connect?
1. When you connect to Costello you will see the following window in your browser:

You need to click your mouse in the white area and enter your chracter name. If this name is not being used by another player you will see the following question (if your character name was Banana):

Do you want to create a player under the name 'Banana'?

Enter 'yes' to go to the next stage. If another player is using the same name you will not see this question but will see 'Password:' on your screen. If this happens you must think of a new name and connect to Costello again. Click here to see how to connect again. When you answer 'yes' to the above question you will come to the Costello Start Menu shown below.

Before you enter the game you must enter your Email address, password and native language. If you are a student you must also enter your real name and your student number on the Student Menu. If you make a mistake you can enter your information again by entering 'O' for the 'Other Options' menu. You can return from the Other Options menu by entering 'B'.

First you need to enter your email address by entering 'E' and pressing the 'return' (or 'enter') key. You will see:

[ Email address : ]

Please enter your email address and press return. If you make a mistake you can change it on the Other Options menu ('O') and return to the start menu by entering 'B'.

Email example(25k)

Next you need to enter your password by entering 'P'. You will see:

[ New password : ]

Enter your password. The password must be 6 letters or more and must have a number in it or a special character like '#$%&'. Your password will not show on the screen so that other people cannot see what you type. After you enter your password you will see:

[ Once more please : ]

Please enter your password again. If you want to change your password you can do so on the 'Other Options' menu. Please write your password down so you don't forget it.

Password example(12k)

Next you need to enter your native language by entering 'N'. You will see:

[ Enter your native language(E.g. Japanese): ]

Please enter your native language. For example, if it is English then wnter 'English'.

Native language example(28k)

Next, students need to enter your real name and student number. Enter 'S' to go to the student menu and then enter 'R' and enter your real name. Then enter 'N' to enter your student number. Then go back to the Start Menu by entering 'B'.

Student Menu example(20k)

You only need to enter this information the first time you enter Costello. Once you have entered your email address, password, native language and student information you will see the following Start Menu:

Enter 'G' to go to the next stage.

Creating your character

After you enter 'G' you will see the New Character Creation Menu below:

Please enter '1' to make an easy character. This will make a human character and all you have to choose is your gender. Option '2' is only for people who have played MUD games before. Option '3' is for people making Costello areas, not playing the game and you cannot do this without first playing the game for some time.

When you choose option '1' you will see the Gender menu:

Enter 'g' and then enter the gender of your character (male or female). Of course this is a fantasy game so you can use a diffferent gender from yourself!

Then enter 'b' to begin playing Costello. The game starts with the Costello Tutorial. You will see the screen below:

In the tutorial a Kitten will teach you the basic commands in the Costello game. It is a very important step in Costello and you should read slowly and carefully, checking you understand each stage. Taking time to make sure you really understand the tutorial will help you to master the game quickly! There are 26 tasks to do in the tutorial. More information can be found in the 'Starting the game' section.