Afen Afen has a bar in the Tower of Knowledge. He need help making a blueberry ale.
Alana the Healer Alana is a druid (priest of nature) who uses her magic power to heal people who have been injured. However she charges money for this service after the first free treatment.
Albert Albert is the curator of the Neria Museum. He is worried about some workers who were helping to build the museum. When the museum is finished, Albert accepts donations of art.
Alviar the Druid Alviar is a priest of nature who you will find in the Costello temple, inside the circle of stones on top of the temple hill. He uses the power of nature to make powerful magic and this magic can even bring dead people back to life, if their ghosts pray inside the temple. To keep the temple strong he needs lots of different objects and if you bring them to him he will pay you well. These objects can be found all over the Costello world. Good luck in finding them!
Andrew Andrew is an experienced adventurer who you will find in the Guild, in the center of the Costello Village. He knows a lot about the quests in Costello and if you ask him he will give you some information about them.
Betty and Jake Betty and Jake are farmers who live in the Costello Village. You will find Betty in her farmhouse at the west of the village while Jake is working in the fields to the east of the village. Betty has a small quest good for new players.
Brett Brett is a trainer in the Tower of Knowledge who can improve your knowledge of reading.
Bryan the Appraiser Bryan is also to be found in the Guild. He is a master of weapons and armour and together with his assistants, he can tell you which whether one is stronger than another. He will charge you a fee for this service though.
Cora Cora runs the east road inn in the Costello Village, selling food and drink.
Cos the cat

Cos the cat is one of the most important characters for new players. He likes to sit on a bench under a large oak tree halfway up the Costello Temple hill, just down from where you first enter the game. Cos has lots of information about the game and if you listen to him he will give you lots of good advice. He can also answer some questions about the game. When you start the game you should give him your Costello scroll and he will give you some basic equipment to help you start the game. This equipment will be saved for you when you enter 'quit' to end your game session.

Dragon of Death The Dragon of Death announces the end of the Costello world! What this means is that the Costello program is going to be restarted (maybe because there was a software upgrade, or because the game has started running slower). Usually the Dragon will shout warnings starting at 60 minutes, then 50 minutes, 40 minutes and so on. It is important that you 'quit' the game before the game is restarted or your items will not be saved. The game starts again very quickly, so if you wait a minute after the world has ended you will be able to enter Costello again.
Eldrick Eldrick is the head wizard in the Tower of Knowledge. He needs you to find clues to help solve his problem.
Eric Eric is a trainer in the Tower of Knowledge who can improve your knowledge of awareness.
Fargi Fargi is an old man in Snake City who wants to taste his favorite beer one more time.
Frol Frol runs the Costello pet shop. For more information about pets read the Mounts and Pets page.
Galelim Galelim is the librarian in the Tower of Knowledge who is looking for a book he has lost.
Gustav Gustav is a hermit who lives in the deep forest. His hut has been taken by kobolds and he wants you to help him get it back.
Haran Haran is a retired florist in the Tower of Knowledge who wants a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
Harry the Affectionate Harry is a friendly character who greets people in the center of the Costello village.
Homer Homer can be found at the entrance to the Four Worlds. He knows a lot about the Four Worlds and the Elementalist's guild. The guild can give you lots of new magic powers if you are successful in joining.
Jak Jak runs the toy shop in Neria City. He is very unhappy because he has lost his masterpiece: a beautiful toy doll. Finding his doll is quite a difficult quest: you will have to think carefully about some puzzles, but the reward is a ring that can protect you from all battles!
Jelat Jelat in the Tower of Knowledge has a very quick mind and loves asking questions and riddles.
Jeff the Butcher Jeff sells meat in his butchers shop. The meat is raw so be careful to cook it on a barbecue before you eat it. He also buys corpses and cuts them up so he can sell the meat.
Johnny Johnny is a little boy who you will find in the village park. He is unhappy because he has lost his ball. His ball is somewhere in the village but you will have to search carefully to find it!
Johann Johann runs the artists' materials shop on the East Road in the Costello village. You can buy a wonderful magic camera there that can take pictures of anything in Costello.
Justin Justin has had an argument with the guard in the bank. He wants you to help him in a secret plan. You'll find him just north of the Costello Arms pub in the village.
Mr. Kitazawa Mr. Kitazawa is the president of IPU. He has lost some important data from his research and thinks that the English teacher Mr. Coben has taken it. He needs you to help find the truth.
Kitten The kitten teaches you the basics of the Costello game in the tutorial.
Koli Koli is a chef in the Tower of Knowledge who needs help making a sandwich.
Kuloch Kuloch is an orc priest who has magic powers. Unlike most orcs he does not hate all humans and has some very interesting and challenging quests.
Landi Landi is a small boy from Snake City. He is lost and wants someone to take him back home.
Queen Lyssia Queen Lyssia is the leader of the snake people in Snake City. Her greatest desire is to obtain the magical Staff of the Serpent.
Madrikhor Madrikhor is a trainer in the Tower of Knowledge who can improve your knowledge of sword fighting.
Marla Marla is a tailor in Neria city who has lost her needle.
Mike Mike is the leader of Reverse Village. His daughter is very ill and he needs someone to help find a cure for her.
Mynos Mynos in the Tower of Knowledge helps make people feel welcome in the tower.
Old man An old man in the north of the Costello village has lost his wedding ring.
Ozbo the Lifesaver Ozbo is a muscular lifesaver who you will find on the beach east of the Costello village. He can teach you to swim if you ask him. Try something like 'Please teach me how to swim'. However, he will charge a fee of 30 gold coins. After you ask him and pay your fee he will demonstrate how to swim and after that you should be able to swim in the sea. However, be careful of the sharks!
Pirelli Pirelli is a trainer in the Tower of Knowledge who can improve your knowledge of shield defense.
King Robert King Robert of the Four Seasons village has had no dinner and is very hungry!
Socrates Socrates is the leader of the Elementalist's guild deep in the Keep of the Four Worlds. You need to meet him if you want to join the guild, but he is not easy to find. He will give you a difficult quest if you want to join the guild. The guild can give you lots of new magic powers if you are successful in joining.
Sosa Sosa keeps the records in the Tower of Knowledge and is very thirsty.
Captain Tamarack Captain Tamarack is the captain of the Pirate ship Nisbet which crashed at the south end of the Costello beach. He lost his hat during the crash.
Telark Telark is the lord of the faeries in the Fae Forest. He has a problem with a horrible werewolf and he needs help to get rid of the werewolf.
King Tharkun King Tharkun is the ruler of Tyriana Castle, which he named after his wife, Queen tyriana. He has a few quests for you.
Thazzor Thazzor is the first mate of the crashed pirate ship Nisbet. He needs the blueprints to rebuild the ship.
Queen Tyriana Queen Tyriana is King Tharkun's wife. She has a small quest that is easy for beginners.
Tyson Tyson is a trainer in the Tower of Knowledge who can improve your knowledge of unarmed combat.
Mrs. Ume Mrs Ume is a witch who lives on top of Mount Ginga, above Oiwai farm. She is worried that the volcano will erupt and wants someone to help stop it.
Ungabunga Ungabunga is the chief of the kobolds. He has taken Gustav's hut and now lives there.
Wesley the Insurance Broker Wesley sells life insurance at the north end of the temple hill. His policies are very powerful. They can bring you back to the temple if you die and for his premium policy he will even send out people to get your items back from the monster who killed you. Buying insurance is a very good idea.
Zippy Zippy is a trainer in the Tower of Knowledge who can improve your knowledge of moving fast and dodging.
Zoroander the Wizard Zoroander is a powerful wizard who lives at the top of his tower in the Costello Village. He has two quests that are good for beginners. The first is short but the second may take quite a long time.