There are many items in Costello and they are used in different ways. Some items are magic and some need special commands. This page gives a summary of some of the special items in the game and how they are used.

Item name
Where from?
What it does
Barbecue set
Costello Village butcher's shop
The barbecue set lets you cook meat that you buy from Jeff the butcher. This meat is cheaper than buying food from the pubs or shops. When you put meat (or other food) on a lighted barbecue set it will turn brown. Be careful not to leave it too long or it will become burnt. 1. Light the barbecue set.
2. Put the meat on the barbecue set.
3. Take the meat from the barbecue set.
4. Extinguish the barbecue set.
Costello Village main shop
A torch is a long piece of wood with tar on it that burns and gives light. A lantern is a lamp that gives light by burning oil. These both let you see in dark places. 1. Light the torch.
2. Extinguish the torch.
Cosbank Stone Elf
Costello Village main shop
The Cosbank stone Elf is a small statue of a cute little elf. He has a red nose. If you push his nose then you will be magically taken to a special branch of the Costello Bank in the sky. You can deposit and withdraw your items there. To return to the place you were before push the red button. Each elf can be used 5 times before he runs away. 1. Push the elf's nose

2.Deposit/withdraw item/money
3. Push the red button.
Costello Village main shop
Bags and backpacks can let you carry more items. However, be careful to take your items out of the bag before you quit the game or you will lose them! 1. Put the XXX in the bag.

2. Take the XXX from the bag.
Oil flask
Costello Village main shop
Oil flasks can be used to fill a lantern that is empty. Refuel the lantern from the oil flask.
Box of charcoal
Costello Village main shop
A box of charcoal can be used to fill a barbecue set that is empty. Refuel the barbecue set from the box of charcoal.
Costello Village main shop
Gauntlets are metal gloves that protect your hands. Wear the gauntlets.
Costello Village main shop
Bracers are metal covers that protect your arms. Wear the bracers.
Wooden Circlet
Fae Forest quest
The wooden circlet that you get from Telark when you finish the Fae Forest quest has powerful magic. It is a small circle of carved wood that you wear on your head. If you wear it you will be able to see in the dark. Wear the circlet.
Potion of healing
Landi quest
When you take Landi back home his mother will give you a colored potion. This potion is a potion of healing. If you drink it your body will be completely healed. Drink the potion.
Portable hole
IPU quest
The portable hole is an amazing invention. It opens up a window into another universe. After opening the hole you can put almost anything into it. You can even enter the hole yourself!
The hole has too many commands to write here.
Enter 'help portable hole' to see how to use it.
Potion Box
Justin quest
Justin's potion box lets you make a sleeping potion, as long as you have a pint of Boddington's bitter (his favorite beer). If you give the potion to someone who will drink it they will fall asleep! This may be useful if you want to take something from them, or get past them. However not everyone will fall asleep and they may wake up soon. If you have a pint of Boddingtons bitter you just need to:

Open the box
Bladed shield
Zoroander Shield quest
This shield is the shield you make in Zoroander's second quest. It is a very powerful weapon, as well as a shield. It needs two hands so you cannot use it with another weapon. Equip the shield.
Gustav Dagger
Gustav quest
This dagger which you get from Gustav the Hermit when you finish his quest has enormous magic power. When you fight with it sometimes it will fire electricity at your enemy. However the dagger will drain you of endurance points. Equip the dagger.
Snake Staff
Kuloch Amulet quest
The snake staff is a long wooden stick that has strong magic power. When you are in a battle, if you drop it the staff becomes a snake and attacks your enemy. If the enemy or the snake are killed then it becomes a staff again. You must pick the staff up again after you have used it. Drop the staff.

Take the staff.

Cloth Ring
Neria Lost Doll quest
The cloth ring looks very simple but has huge magic power. If you wear it then no-one can attack you. Also as soon as someone attacks you the ring will bring peace and stop the fight. Equip the ring.
Amulet of traveling
Kuloch free Leo quest
If you touch the sapphire on this magical amulet it will take you back to Kuloch's temple from anywhere in the Costello world. Touch the sapphire.
Kuloch free Leo quest
This is an awesome weapon. The blade of the sword is made of fire. When you wield it the sword will light up the area around you. When you fight with the sword it has a chance of blinding your enemy so that they will not be able to see at all! However the sword uses quite a lot of endurance points. Equip Firebane.

Unequip Firebane.

Acid Blade
Drain Lizard
This sword is frightening. It has the power to shoot acid at your enemy, causing lots of damage. However it uses endurance points quite quickly. Equip the acid blade.

Unequip the acid blade.