Your character has many different scores and points. You can see most of these scores when you enter 'score'. Other scores are shown with other commands. Information about your character is explained in the table below.

Level Your level is your character's most basic score. as your level goes up you get stronger. You get more hit points and spirit points and you can also get magic spells after level 3. If you die your level may go down. For more information see the Levels and Magic page. Score tells you your current level.
Hit points These points are your life force. They are divided between different parts of your body. For example, your head and your chest (the most important parts of your body) have the most points. Arms and legs have less points. When either your head or chest points get to zero you will die so these points are called your 'vitals'. Your hit points will go down when you are hit in combat. To protect yourself always wear the best armour you can afford. Your hit points will also go down if you are very hungry (starving) or thirsty. You can die if you don't eat!

Your hit points will go up when you eat and drink, rest and if you use healing magic or visit Alana the healer in the Wizard tower.

The following table shows the different conditions of your limbs. If your limb is amputated only a restore limb spell or Alana the healer can bring it back. Best condition is at the bottom, worst at the top.

Hanging by a thread
Mangled beyond recognition
Barely functional
Compoundly fractured
Possibly fractured
In need of stitches
Cut, badly bruised
Scratched, bruised
Scraped up
Stiff and sore
In perfect condition

Hit points are shown with a bar at the bottom of the Java client next to the icon.

Vitals tells you how many points your head and chest have left.

Limbs tells you the condition of your limbs (but not points).

Spirit points These are magic points, used when you use magic spells. When you have no more spirit points you will not be able to use magic. Your spirit points will go up when you eat and drink or rest.

This score is shown with a bar at the bottom of the Java client next to the icon.

Vitals tells you how many points you have left.
Experience points When you finish quests you are given experience points. You also get experience points when you kill monsters. This score is important for when you want to raise your character's level. When you die your experience points will go down and you may lose a level. Score tells you how many experience points and your highest ever (max) experience points.
Quest points Given when you finish quests. You can see how many quest points you get for each quest by reading the Quest List in the Guild, by typing 'list quests' or by looking at the quests web page. Quest points are also sometimes needed to advance your character's level. See the quests page for more information. Score shows you how many quest points you have. List quests tells you the total quest points in Costello (at the bottom).
Endurance Your endurance is how much energy your body has. If you move a lot or fight then your endurance points will go down. Also some magic items will drain you of endurance. If you are hungry or thirsty then your endurance will go down.

This score is shown with a bar at the bottom of the Java client next to the icon.

Vitals show your endurance points.
Hunger/Thirst If you don't eat or drink then your character will get hungry and thirsty. As your character gets hungry it will get weaker and weaker. You will lose endurance points. When you are very hungry (starving) or dying of thirst then you will start to lose hit points.

If you continue playing the game and don't eat or drink then your character will die!

Thirst levels (bottom is very thirsty).
Hunger levels (bottom is very hungry).
Thoroughly quenched Thoroughly satiated
Not thirsty
Not hungry
Slightly thirsty Slightly Hungry
Somewhat thirsty
Somewhat hungry
Very thirsty
Very hungry
Extremely thirsty
Extremely hungry
Dying of thirst Near starvation

Your hunger is shown with a bar at the bottom of the Java client next to the icon.

Your score shows how hungry and thirsty you are.

Alcohol If your character drinks alcohol then it will feel good and may heal faster, but you will move slower and not be so good at fighting. You will also get a hangover after drinking. There are 6 levels of being drunk (most drunk at the top:
Totally sloshed
Somewhat drunk
Quite tipsy
Slightly tipsy
Score shows how drunk you are.
Language points These points are given for each successful command you enter. Longer commands get more points. Your score shows your language points.
Wimpy Wimpy shows how quickly your character will run away from a battle. When you start the game wimpy is set to 50. This means that when your hit points (your life force) reaches 50% your character will try to automatically run away. If you enter 'Wimpy 80' then your character will run away if their hit points get to less than 80% of the maximum. Just entering 'Wimpy' will put your character into 'Brave mode'. In brave mode your character will never run away and will fight to the death! You can return to 'Wimpy mode' by entering 'Wimpy' again. Wimpy may save your life but there are some powerful monsters who can kill you before you have a chance to run away. Score shows what your wimpy is set to.

The wimpy command sets your wimpy level.

Exploring points Given when you go to new places in Costello. However, some areas (for example the Costello Forest) have descriptions that are all the same and you are not given exploring points in such areas. When you get exploring points you also get the same number of experience points. So, if you get 10 exploring points you also get 10 experience points.

You will see messages when you get exploring points. For example, in the Costello Village "You continue exploring the Costello Village" means that you got some points. "You return to an old haunt in the Costello Village" means you went to this place before and get no points.
Score shows your exploring points.

Messages in new areas show if you are getting points.

Skills There are many different skills in the game. Some skills you must learn from characters in the game. For example, to learn to swim you must ask Ozbo the Lifesaver (Please teach me how to swim) and he will take 30 coins from you. After he demonstrates to you how to swim you will be able to swim but your skill will be low. The more you practice swimming, the higher your skill will become. This is also true for weapons. If you practice using one type of weapon (for example a sword) then your skill with that weapon type will go up.

You get magic skills when you reach the correct level. For example, at level 3 you learn conjuring.

Skill Levels in Costello

This list shows you the ranking of the skills in Costello. Skill levels at the top and left are very weak and those at the bottom right are very strong.

1. Badly handicapped 16. Very skilled
2. Handicapped 17. Adept
3. Unskilled 18. Very adept
4. Feeble 19. Expert
5. Very poor 20. Excellent
6. Poor 21. Exceptional
7. Inferior 22. Superb
8. Below average 23. Master
9. Mediocre 24. Past master
10. Average 25. Incredible
11. Fair 26. Amazing
12. Familiar 27. Preternatural
13. Decent 28. Unearthly
14. Above average 29. Nigh-divine
15. Skilled

Type skills to see your skill levels.